Anatomical Head Model


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Get a-head of the game with this anatomically correct head model.

Made from 3D scans of a real human cadaver! 

100% anatomically correct and definitely not a real shrunken head. Made from Eliot Goldfinger’s 1985 museum lab dissections, which he casted and referenced when writing his anatomy books. 

Using cutting edge scanning and 3d printing technology, we worked with Renowned Toy/Figurine Artist, Adam Bean, to bring you this miniature piece of science and art history.

Take it at face-value. Get our Anatomical Head Model now!


  • 1 Anatomical Head Model
  • Durable, incredibly accurate, small enough to not be confused for the real thing
  • Multi-use: Never forget how to reference the head and also a nifty desk decoration
  • Keep it in your pocket as an ice-breaker at parties
  • 66 grams
  • 2 x 2 x 3 inches


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