The Official New Masters Academy Apron


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Loyal stain protector. Hero of your clothes.

Imagine this. You’re painting a beautiful portrait with the skills you’ve learned on You’re so focused, that time has just flown by.
Break time.
Oh no! You look down and your finest evening wear is covered in stray paint!
Save your clothes with a New Masters Academy Apron. Let it handle the mess.

The best painting buddy you could ask for. 


  • 1 New Masters Academy Official Apron
  • Look the part of a professional painter and apron wearer
  • Stain and Wrinkle Resistant: Toss it wherever, it’ll be fine
  • 3 Pockets allow for maximum brush and phone holding potential
  • Multi-use. Use it for cooking and anything else that makes a mess. Why not?
  • 182 grams
  • One size fits all


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